Our Features & Services

Professional Mice Organizers

Elevate your events to exceptional levels with MIKAYIL DMC, your distinguished MICE organizer. With an unwavering commitment to precision and innovation, The MICE industry is composed of pillars. From meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions, medical conferences, & convention, Sports events , Destination weddings , Governments Festivals Events Educational Tours, each event brings together people from different industries to foster connections, promote new ideas, and encourage growth. we curate seamless meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. From envisioning unique concepts to flawlessly executing every detail, we create experiences that captivate and inspire. Our expertise transforms venues into dynamic spaces, fostering engagement and connections. Let us take your events beyond expectations, ensuring every moment is unforgettable and impactful.

Tour Packages Domestic & International

Explore the world with MIKAYIL DMC’s captivating tour packages, designed for both domestic marvels and international adventures. Our thoughtfully crafted itineraries promise a seamless blend of culture, discovery, and relaxation. From the vibrant tapestry of local experiences in your own country to the allure of global destinations, let us curate journeys that resonate with your wanderlust. Our team ensures every detail is taken care of, so you can simply savor the magic of exploration. Choose MIKAYIL DMC for unforgettable travel stories that span continents and cultures.


Discover a world of comfort and luxury with MIKAYIL DMC’s carefully curated hotel offerings. Whether you seek opulent retreats or cozy boutiques, we tailor your accommodations to complement your travel style. Our partnerships with renowned hotels ensure you experience the finest in hospitality, making every stay a memorable chapter of your journey. From serene getaways to bustling urban centers, let us elevate your travel experience through thoughtfully selected and seamlessly arranged accommodations. Choose MIKAYIL DMC for a stay that perfectly complements the adventures that await.


Embrace the world’s destinations with MIKAYIL DMC’s streamlined ticketing services. From domestic getaways to international odysseys, our experts secure the perfect flights that match your itinerary and budget. Enjoy peace of mind as we handle all the details, ensuring a seamless booking experience. With access to a wide range of airlines and routes, we cater to your unique travel needs. Trust MIKAYIL DMC to make your travel dreams a reality, from takeoff to landing. Your journey starts here, where every ticket booked is a gateway to adventure.

Vehicles - Coaches / Vans / Cars

Travel in comfort and style with MIKAYIL DMC’s diverse vehicle options. Whether it’s a spacious coach for group adventures, a comfortable van for family getaways, or a sleek car for urban exploration, we provide the perfect transportation solution. Our well-maintained fleet, driven by professional chauffeurs, guarantees a smooth and memorable journey. From airport transfers to exploring local gems, trust us to take you where you want to go. With MIKAYIL DMC, every ride becomes a part of your travel experience, enhancing the joy of discovery and exploration.

Event Set Up - Sound & Lights, DJ/ Performance’s

Elevate your events with MIKAYIL DMC’s exceptional event setup services. From immersive sound and dazzling lights to top-tier DJ performances, we create captivating atmospheres that leave a lasting impact. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures a seamless experience, transforming venues into unforgettable spaces that resonate with your vision. Whether it’s a corporate gathering or a celebratory occasion, trust us to set the stage for a memorable event. With MIKAYIL DMC, every moment becomes a masterpiece, where sound, lights, and performances come together to create magic.

Visa Assistance

Expert visa assistance for seamless travel, ensuring accurate documentation, personalized guidance, and smooth processing. Simplify your visa application process today. Navigating the intricate world of international travel is now made effortless with our comprehensive Visa Assistance services. We understand that obtaining the necessary travel permissions can often be a daunting and time-consuming task, which is why we are here to take the stress out of the process.

Tour Manager / Man Power

Experience unparalleled guidance with MIKAYIL DMC’s dedicated tour manager services. Our experts accompany you throughout your journey, ensuring seamless logistics, authentic experiences, and personalized assistance. From cultural insights to local recommendations, our tour managers enrich your travel adventure, making every moment memorable. With their expertise, you can immerse yourself in the destination’s charm while we handle the details. Choose MIKAYIL DMC for a travel companion who goes beyond expectations, turning your journey into a story worth sharing.